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Frequently Asked Questions


How will the classes take place? 

Masterclasses will be hosted via Zoom. Participants are encouraged to download the Zoom client beforehand and will receive their class links a few days before the workshop. We recommend using a computer or tablet to keep your hands free.


How much is the workshop? 


Great question! The breakdown for the cost of workshop is below.

Full Weekend Registration:                             $80      

Single Day Registration (Sat or Sun):            $50

Single Class                                                          $15  

My roommates want in, can we Zoom together?  

Each participant must register separately in order to attend. However, you may share a screen and space as long as you do so safely.

What if I can't afford this right now?  


We have a Pay it Forward Scholarship that runs off of the generosity of other attendees. If you would like to add yourself to the waitlist, please click here.

What will I need for classes? 


A hunger for knowledge, a notebook, water, and space to move in! Some classes may benefit from the use of a prop, however we know at this time many of you don't have prop weapons lying around, so the instructor will give alternate prop ideas to us and we will pass that info on to you! 

What sort of classes will be offered?​


The staff at the TRAPPED INSIDE wants to ensure that you have the greatest opportunity to learn about movement arts in the short time you're with us. We are therefore happy to be offering classes hosted by a variety of professionals from Theatre, Television, and Film. We promise you'll find something interesting and inspiring. Please stay tuned for a list of classes and their descriptions to appear on the schedule page!

What if my internet cuts out?  


Simply restart zoom and click on the link to join back in on the action! You may also join on your phone if your computer is giving you problems. We will give you a contact number for technical support.

Will classes be recorded? 


Pending instructor permission, classes will be recorded. This will provide any registered students experiencing technical difficulties a copy of the class. This also allows for anyone who missed the workshop to be able to take part in the fun! After the workshop concludes we will reach out to those who need copies.


What is the refund policy? 


We will offer full refunds up until 11:59pm EST on June 5th. After that we can offer a 50% refund until 11:59pm EST on June 9th. Anytime after that, we will no longer be able to offer a refund.

Can I get certified?


Unfortunately, due to the length and nature of the workshop, we are unable to offer any Skills Proficiency Test classes. Only in person hours qualify towards SAFD Certification. You can learn for the sake of bettering yourself as an artist however.

Have a question we didn't answer? Not to worry. Just drop us a line and we'll be back to you ASAP.
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