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We bring the training. You bring yourselves.

Under Construction

This year's schedule is being custom-fitted to our amazing staff and all they have to offer, but please check out last year's class descriptions below and our schedule of the days to get a sense of how each day runs and the types of classes you might encounter! 

2023 Class Descriptions Day 1

2023 Class Descriptions Day 2

Friday, February 1st 2024



Into Class - For new or seasoned stage combatants - a chance to start your weekend making new friends, throwing them about, and exchanging a customary punch to the face.

Specialty Class - For our participants with experience looking to dive right in, this class will be of the specialty variety. Swords? Knives? You'll find out soon! 

Check-in starts at 6:30 pm and class goes from 7-9pm.

These classes are optional, but a great way to get a jumpstart on the weekend!


Saturday February 2nd 2024 and Sunday February 3rd 2024

Saturday and Sunday Morning check-in starts at 7:45am followed by warm-ups at 8:15am. 


Classes will take place between 9 am and 6:15pm Saturday and Sunday and are organized into the following categories:


Basic - Beginning or Looking to Refresh

Open - Open to All Levels and Abilities

Intermediate - No Stranger to Stage or Screen Combat in this Weapon / Concept

Advanced - Certification or at least 30 hrs of Study in this Weapon / Concept


Classes highlighted in gold indicate that they are catered to the stunt or film industry. Classes highlighted in green indicate that they are open to all but recommended for any first time students to attend to ensure they're getting a proper foundation. Classes highlighted in red are for students who have previously certified in that weapon and wish to renew their certification for an additional fee.

Class Descriptions Day 1

Class Descriptions Day 2

*Classes subject to change*

Saturday, February 4th


Class Period 1: (9:00am-10:25am)

Brawling Basics - Unarmed - Basic (Reed)

Breathe or Die - Knife - Open (Jasper)

COREterstaff - Open (Male)
Fight at the Opera - One-Handed Broadsword - Open (Tate)

Savage Smallsword - Int./Adv.  (Magliocca)

Wing Chun Gung Fu in Film - Unarmed - Open (Kelly)


Class Period 2: (10:40am-12:05pm)

I'm Falling for You! - Open (Rathgeber)

Found Weapons - Open (Lynn)

Mocap 101  - Open (Ladd)

Skeletal Swordplay - Single Rapier - Adv. (Gonzalez)

Stay on Target - Unarmed - Open (Aronowitz)

All Swash & No Buckle - Single Sword - Basic (Danger)

LUNCH (12:05pm-1:15pm)


Class Period 3: (1:15pm-2:40pm)

Desperate Measure - Rapier & Dagger - Open (Tate)

Fighting for Live Stunts - Open (Boniface)

Fighting w/ Lucid BodyTechniques - Unarmed

Three to Tango - Single Sword - Open (Rice)

Sharpen Your Skills - Knife - Basic (Asbury)

Renewal Choreography Session (Kelly)


Class Period 4: (2:55pm-4:20pm)

Crash Course in Mocap - Open (Saubert)

Dynamic Body - Int./Adv. (Anzaldua)I'm Gonna Rec' it - Broadsword - Int./Adv. (Jasper)

Big Smallsword Energy - Basic (Willcox)

Total Recall: Choreo/Rehearsal Challenges - Open (Kelly)

The Monster's Manual - Sword & Shield - Open (Gonzalez)


Class Period 5: (4:35pm-6:00pm)

Acting & Auditioning for Anime - Open (Anzaldua)

Happy Slapsgiving! - Open (Lynn)

Group Film Fight - Open (Ladd & Kelly)

Stop Working so HaR&D - Int./Adv. (Rathgeber)

Sword & Shield: Time to Bash! - Basic (Male)

Renewal Choreography Session (Jasper)

Wrap Up/Photo (6:10 pm)


END OF DAY (6:30pm)

Sunday, February 5th


Class Period 1: (9:00am-10:25am)

Choose ANY Weapon - Open (Danger)

Creature Movement for Mocap - Open (Ladd)

Full Body Broadsword - Int./Adv. (Gonzalez)

Reaction Packed - Unarmed - Int. (Willcox)

Single & Ready to Minglesw0rd - Open (Jasper)

Filipino Flow Drills: Sinawali & Sumbrada - Open (Kelly)


Class Period 2: (10:40-12:05pm)

Dynamic Knife - Open (Anzaldua)

Fighting in Mass Battles - Open (Male & Jasper)

Fight Like a Musketeer - Single Sword - Int./Adv. (Lynn)

Heroic Fight Design - Int./Adv. (Kelly)

Turtle Basics: Donatello - Quarterstaff - Basic (Rice)

Renewal Choreography Session (Gonzalez)


LUNCH (12:05pm-1:15pm)


Class Period 3: (1:15pm-2:40pm)

Alexander Technique Reactions - Unarmed - Open (Gonzalez)

Choose Your Character - Unarmed Choreo - Int./Adv. (Aronowitz)

Femme Fatale - Open (Ladd)

Juggling - Open (Reed)

One Move at a Time - Rapier & Dagger - Basic (Magliocca)

Open Hand vs. Spear - Int./Adv. (Anzaldua)

Class Period 4: (2:55pm-4:20pm)

Angelo Smallsword: The Classics - Int./Adv. (Reed)

Look Ma! Two Hands. - Broadsword - Basic (Saubert)

Get that $&*# on Tape - Unarmed & Knife Choreo - Open (Magliocca)
How to Vocally Score a Fight - Open (Male)

Oh, Captain My Captain: Art of Fight Captaining - Int./Adv. (Lynn)
Renewal Rehearsal and Performances (Schlanger, Reed, Garland, Girard)


Class Period 5: (4:35 pm-6:00pm)

Cinematic Mass Battle! Full Workshop!


Wrap Up/Raffle (6:15pm)



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