We bring the training. You bring yourselves.

The 2023 Schedule has not yet been released. What follows is last year's schedule which remains a reference for how the weekend runs and an example of the types of classes offered. A 2023 Schedule will be released at a later date.


Friday, February 4th



Industry Chat TV, Film, Stage & Beyond - Patrick Kelly, Ash Anderson, Greg Poljacik, Dale Girard, Jake Guinn, Toby Pruett

Explorations of Intimacy - Ashley White


Check-in and rapid testing starts at 5:30 pm and class goes from 6-8pm.

These classes are optional, but a great way to get a jumpstart on the weekend! 


Saturday and Sunday Morning check-in and rapid testing starts at 7:40am followed by warm-ups at 8:20am. 


Classes will take place between 9 am and 6:15pm Saturday and Sunday and are organized into the following categories:


Basic - Beginning or Looking to Refresh

Open - Open to All Levels and Abilities

Intermediate - No Stranger to Stage or Screen Combat in this Weapon / Concept

Advanced - Certification or at least 30 hrs of Study in this Weapon / Concept


Classes highlighted in gold indicate that they are catered to the stunt or film industry. Classes highlighted in green indicate that they are open to all but recommended for any first time students to attend to ensure they're getting a proper foundation. Classes highlighted in red are for students who have previously certified in that weapon and wish to renew their certification for an additional fee.

Class Descriptions Day 1

Class Descriptions Day 2

*Classes subject to change*

Saturday, February 5th


Class Period 1: (9:00am-10:25am)

Reaction Packed - Unarmed - Basic (Willcox)

Heroic Fight Design - Sword & Shield - Open (Kelly)

Fake Fighting w/ Real Reflexes - Smallsword - Int. (Delguste)

Old School Swashbuckling - Single Sword - Open (Girard)

Gnarly Knife - Open (White)


Class Period 2: (10:40am-12:05pm)

A Pirate's Death for Thee -Cutlass - Open (Tate)

Finding the Lens - Unarmed - Open (Poljacik)

Leashing the Rapier & Dagger - Open (Kelly)

Balintawak - Filipino Martial Arts - Open (Guinn)

Broadsword - Basic (Reed)


LUNCH (12:05pm-1:15pm)


Class Period 3: (1:15pm-2:40pm)

Going Down Kicking & Screaming - Open (Girard)

Transmogrification -Mixed Weapons -  Int./Adv. (Garland)

Goon #5 - Unarmed - Intermediate (Poljacik)

Kill the Messenger Scene - Acting - Open (Delguste)

Shake it Off Single Sword - Basic (Danger)


Broadsword Renewal Choreography Session (Reed)


Class Period 4: (2:55pm-4:20pm)

On Camera Knife Play (Guinn)

gRounded Sword & Shield - Advanced (White)

Wing Chun Gung Fu in Film - Unarmed - Open (Kelly)

Crafting Choreography - Open (Gardella)

Rapier & Dagger - Basic (Schlanger)


Class Period 5: (4:35pm-6:00pm)

Hockey Influenced Brawls - Unarmed - Open (White)

Landing the Blow - Contract Strikes - Int./Adv. (Girard)

Rolling for Beginners - Basic (Garland)

Cut Deep & Draw Blood! Rapier & Dagger - Open (Guinn & Poljacik)

Bruce Lee's 5 Ways of Attack - Knife - Open (Santana)


Rapier & Dagger Renewal Choreography Session (Schlanger)

Wrap Up/Photo (6:10 pm)


END OF DAY (6:30pm)

Sunday, February 6th


Class Period 1: (9:00am-10:25am)

Do or DIE - Smallsword - Basic (Schlanger)

Wrecks - Hitting the Ground Hard - Int./Adv. (Poljacik)

Act the Fight - Quarterstaff - Open (White)

Swordplay for the Camera - Int./Adv. (Girard)

Intimacy Coordination: What Goes in My Kit? (Anderson)


Unarmed Renewal Choreography Session (Garland)


Class Period 2: (10:40-12:05pm)

Knife - Basic (Gardella)

Fight Audition: Valhalla - Sword & Shield - Open (Kelly)

Build a Strategic Fight, Stir - Rapier & Dagger - Int./Adv. (Garland)

Character Choreography - Unarmed - Open (Aronowitz)

Puppeteering the Point: Bringing the Blade to Life - Broadsword - Open (Storla)


LUNCH (12:05pm-1:15pm)


Class Period 3: (1:15pm-2:40pm)

Sword & Shield - Basic (Willcox)

Kumdo - Samurai Swashbuckling - Int./Adv. (Girard)

For Real. But Not Really. - Unarmed - Int. (Schlanger)

Hatchet & Knife - Open (Guinn & Kelly)

Cycle of Consent - White


Class Period 4: (2:55pm-4:20pm)

Throws, Tackles & Takedowns - Open - Poljacik

German Longsword - Fighting from Bind - Open (Kelly)

Business of Fight Direction - Open (Guinn)

Staff n’ Laugh  - Basics of Shtick - Quarterstaff  (Storla)

Less is More - Mixed Weapons - Open (Delguste)


Renewal Rehearsal and Performances (Schlanger, Reed, Garland, Girard)


Class Period 5: (4:35 pm-6:00pm)

Cinematic Mass Battle! Full Workshop!


Wrap Up/Raffle (6:15pm)