We bring the training. You bring yourselves.

The 2020 Tourist Trap Schedule is in development and will be here faster than you know it!

For the moment, feel free to familiarize yourself with last year's schedule (found below) to better understand the layout of a workshop weekend and the exciting range of classes we offer.


Daily check-in and class signup starts at 7:45am followed by warm-ups at 8:15am.


Classes will take place between 9 am and 6:15pm Saturday and Sunday and are organized into the following categories:


Basic - Beginning or Looking to Refresh

Open - Open to Anyone

Intermediate - No Stranger to Stage Combat

Advanced - At least 30 hrs of Study in the Weapon


Classes highlighted in gold indicate that they are catered to the stunt or film industry. Classes highlighted in green indicate that they are open to all but recommended for any first time students to attend to ensure they're getting a proper foundation. As always, this schedule is subject to change. 

To view the schedule with full class descriptions, click on the following links.

Day 1

Day 2

Saturday, February 16th


Class Period 1: (9:00am-10:25am)

Anatomy of a Fight - Unarmed - Basic (Rubin)

Total Recall: Choreography - Mixed Weapons - Int. (Kelly)

Talhoffer: The Long(&)sword of It - Open (Tate)

The Floor is Lava - Parkour - Open (Holloway)

Barroom Swashbuckling - Single Sword - Int. (Girard)

Shock! Horror! The Art of Losing-Single Rapier-Int. (Kahn)


Class Period 2: (10:40am-12:05pm)

Fighting for Film - Unarmed - Open (Girard)

Rapier & Dagger - Intermediate/Advanced (Ryan)

Circus Balancing Tricks for Intimacy & Kicking Ass - Open (Westley/Jackson)

Knife Fighting for the Novice - Basic (Preston)

The Reality of Do-eling - Smallsword – Open - (Schlanger)

Whip Cracking in a Fight - Intermediate/Advanced (Noyes)


Renewal Choreography Session (Kelly)


LUNCH (12:05pm-1:15pm)


Class Period 3: (1:15pm-2:40pm)

Return of the Revenge of the Walking Dead - Unarmed/Staff - Open (Kahn)

Sword & Shield – Intermediate/Advanced (Ryan)

iFight: Filming Reel Material - Unarmed/Knife - Int. (Noyes)

Choreographic Logic - Rapier & Dagger - Int. (Meyer)

Swash, Swash, Buckle, Buckle - Single Sword - Basic (Porch)

Consent & Creating Safe Spaces - Open (Holloway)


Class Period 4: (2:55pm-4:20pm)

Intro to Rapier & Dagger - Basic (Jasper)

Hwarang Warrior Whirlwind - Katana - Int. (Girard)

Biomechanical Brawling - Int./Adv. - Sword & Shield (Reed)

Garroting Chokes & Where to Find Them - Int./Adv. (Porch)

Fight Direction and Arrangement for a Contemporary Audience - Open (Westley)

Guns & Dummies - Open (Aronowitz)

Renewal Choreography Session (Soroko)


Class Period 5: (4:35pm-6:00pm)

Sword Fighting on Film - Int./Adv. (Ryan & Kelly)

Lazy Smallsword - Intermediate (Holloway)

Death and Dying - Knife - Open (Preston)

Today’s Heroes Roll: Basic Jiu Jitsu You’ve Seen on Screen - Open (Westley)

Reverse Choreography - Quarterstaff - Int./Adv. (Kahn)

Roll for Initiative: D20 Creative Choreo - Open (Noyes)


Wrap Up/Photo (6:10 pm)


END OF DAY (6:30pm)

Sunday, February 17th

Class Period 1: (9:00am-10:25am)

Basic inversions: Taking a Hit Upside Down - Int./Adv. (Jackson)

Sword and Shield - Basic (Meyer)

Defeating the Drill - Knife - Open (Kahn)

But They Made Me Do It - Unarmed - Intermediate (Schlanger)

Rock & Roll Rapier & Dagger - Intermediate/Advanced (Westley)

Quarterstaff vs. Broadsword - Intermediate/Advanced (Preston)

Juggling Tricks - Open (Reed)

Class Period 2: (10:40-12:05pm)

Smallsword for Screen - Intermediate/Advanced (Kahn)

I’ve Fallen & I Can’t Get Up! Making Sense of the Ground Game - Open (Porch)

Spear & Shield - Intermediate/Advanced (Noyes)

Sword Fighting for Film - Basic (Ryan)

Combat’s Simple Machine -Broadsword - Basic (Rubin)

Don’t Bring a Clown to a Knife Fight - Open (Tate & Vammer)


Renewal Choreography Session (Santana)

LUNCH (12:05pm-1:15pm)


Class Period 3: (1:15pm-2:40pm)

Talking Stunts - Open (Ryan/Kelly/Girard/Jackson/Kahn/Westley)

Rapier & Cloak - Intermediate/Advanced (Holloway)

Beginner Smallsword - Basic (Preston)

Die Like a Samurai - Katana - Intermediate/Advanced (Porch)

Oh, the Pain - Broadsword - Open (Jasper)

Intro to Whip - Basic (Aronowitz)

South Florida Sword & Shield Soiree - Open (Soroko/Santana)


Class Period 4: (2:55pm-4:20pm)

Flexibility for Fighters - Open (Jackson)

Best Defense is a Good Offense - Compliance Tech. - Open (Porch)
Hit ‘Em with a Toaster: Found Weapons - Open (Holloway)

Queue up for Q-Stick - Basic (Noyes)

Double Fence w/ Dale - Rapier & Dagger - Open (Girard)

Jason Bourne to Knife Fight:Rhythm/Impact in Close Quarters - Int./Adv.  (Westley)


*Renewal Rehearsal and Performances (Ryan, Kelly, Santana)*


Class Period 5: (4:35 pm-6:00pm)

Cinematic Mass Battle! Full Workshop!


Wrap Up/Raffle (6:15pm)



Have a question about the schedule? Want to know more about a class? You can view the full schedule with class descriptions and locations at the link below.