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We bring the training. You bring yourselves.

Friday, February 2nd 2024



Intro Class - Unarmed Stage Combat.  A chance to start your weekend making new friends, throwing them about, and exchanging a customary punch to the face.

Specialty Class - Knife - An exploration of danger! Open Level

Check-in starts at 6:30 pm and class goes from 7-9pm.

These classes are optional, but a great way to get a jumpstart on the weekend!


Saturday February 3rd 2024 and Sunday February 4th 2024

Saturday and Sunday Morning check-in starts at 7:45am followed by warm-ups at 8:15am. 


Classes will take place between 9 am and 6:15pm Saturday and Sunday and are organized into the following categories:


Basic - Beginning or Looking to Refresh

Open - Open to All Levels and Abilities

Intermediate - No Stranger to Stage or Screen Combat in this Weapon / Concept

Advanced - Certification or at least 30 hrs of Study in this Weapon / Concept


Classes highlighted in gold indicate that they are catered to the stunt or film industry. Classes highlighted in green indicate that they are open to all but recommended for any first time students to attend to ensure they're getting a proper foundation. Classes highlighted in red are for students who have previously certified in that weapon and wish to renew their certification for an additional fee.

*Classes subject to change*

Class Descriptions

Click one of the links below to read more about the classes we're offering this year!

Saturday, February 3rd


Class Period 1: (9:00am-10:25am)

The Prise de Fer - Single Sword - Open (Kelly)

But It's in the Script - Unarmed - Basic (Bronfenbrenner)

Ground Pounding for the Actor - Unarmed - Open (Bennett)

Channeling Chan - Staff - Open (Santana)

German Longsword Structure - Two Handed Sword - Open (Miller)


Class Period 2: (10:40am-12:05pm)

Sinawali & Sumbrada - Kali - Open (Kelly)

One Move at a Time - Knife - Basic (Magliocca)

The Moves Don't Matter - Rapier & Dagger - Open (Delguste)

Mixed Weapons - Various - Int./Adv. (Smith/Traister)

Swords Aren't Funny - Single Sword - Open (Asbury/Van Pelt)

LUNCH (12:05pm-1:15pm)

Class Period 3: (1:15pm-2:40pm)

That's Not How Swords Work! - HEMA - Open (Miller)

Smallsword Symphonies - Smallsword - Int. (Soroko)

Shank Shank Shank - Medieval Dagger - Open (Finley)

Play. Fight.: Using the Character - Single Sword - Basic (Kaye)

Consent in Non-Consent - Unarmed - Adv. (Bennett)

Renewals - Knife (Aronowitz)


Class Period 4: (2:55pm-4:20pm)

Two are Better Than One - Rapier & Dagger - Open (Smith)

Rhythm & Flow - Unarmed - Open (Danger)

Dirty Infighting - Knife - Int./Adv. (Kelly/Santana)

Once a Wolverine, Always a Spartan - Sword & Shield - Open (Traister)

Shoot the Point - Two Handed Sword - Int. (Finley)

Renewals - Single Sword (Magliocca)


Class Period 5: (4:35pm-6:00pm)

Joan of Arc vs Stanley Kowalski - Unarmed - Open (Traister)

A Day in the Life: Stunts - Lecture - Open (Kelly/Bennett)

Flip Flop Fly - Acrobatics - Int./Adv. (Miller)

It's Just a Stick - Staff - Basic (Saldivar)

This Sword is Heavy! - Two Handed Sword - Open (Soroko)

Wrap Up/Photo (6:10 pm)

END OF DAY (6:30pm)

Sunday, February 4th


Class Period 1: (9:00am-10:25am)

Thread the Needle - Smallsword - Basic (Miller)

It's About Character - Unarmed - Int./Adv. (Smith)

Like Clockwork - Knife - Open (Kelly)

On the Upbeat - Rapier & Dagger - Open (Saldivar)

Stay on Target - Unarmed - Open (Aronowitz)

Renewals - Unarmed (Santana)


Class Period 2: (10:40-12:05pm)

Fight Like Wednesday - Single Sword - Int./Adv. (Bronfenbrenner)

Zweihänd it to You - Two Handed Sword - Open (Miller/Finley)

Tricky Spaces on Camera - Choreography - Open (Bennett)

The Chain - Unarmed - Open (Cobane)

Booth Business: Voiceover - Lecture - Open (Traister)

The Short and Long of It - Rapier & Dagger - Basic (Danger)


LUNCH (12:05pm-1:15pm)

Class Period 3: (1:15pm-2:40pm)

The Goldilocks Principle - Two Handed Sword - Int./Adv. (Finley)

Roll Roll Roll Your Body - Tumbling - Open (Bennett)

Silat/BJJ Ground Fighting - Unarmed - Open (Kelly)

Turtle Up! - Sword & Shield - Basic (Delguste)

Death & Dying - Unarmed/Knife - Open (Smith)

Renewals Test

Class Period 4: (2:55pm-4:20pm)

Wicked Choreo, Wicked Fast - Single Sword - Int./Adv. (Santana)

SAFD Fireside Chat - Lecture - Open (Traister/Soroko)

Combat for Social Media - Unarmed/Knife- Open (Miller/Magliocca)

Broadsword Blitz - Two Handed Sword - Basic (Jones)

Is It "Real"?: Contact Technique - Unarmed - Open (Kaye)


Class Period 5: (4:35 pm-6:00pm)

Cinematic Mass Battle! Full Workshop!


Wrap Up/Raffle (6:15pm)


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