We bring the training. You bring yourselves.

***Our 2022 schedule is yet to be released, for now take a look a past schedule***

Daily check-in and class signup starts at 7:45am followed by warm-ups at 8:15am.


Classes will take place between 9 am and 6:15pm Saturday and Sunday and are organized into the following categories:


Basic - Beginning or Looking to Refresh

Open - Open to Anyone

Intermediate - No Stranger to Stage Combat

Advanced - At least 30 hrs of Study in the Weapon


Classes highlighted in gold indicate that they are catered to the stunt or film industry. Classes highlighted in green indicate that they are open to all but recommended for any first time students to attend to ensure they're getting a proper foundation. As always, this schedule is subject to change. 

To view the schedule with full class descriptions, click on the following links.

Day 1

Day 2

Saturday, February 22nd


Class Period 1: (9:00am-10:25am)

Beginner Unarmed - Basic (Meyer & Federl)

Mass Battle Fight Design 4 Vikings - Sword & Shield/Axe - Int. (Kelly)

Ballroom Fighting - Smallsword - Int. (Bartlett)

Stick Disarms - Kali - Open (Watson)

Instant Choreo - Single Sword - Int. (Chin)

Respect your Objective - Knife - Open (Root)

RASAboxes - Open (Newbury)


Class Period 2: (10:40am-12:05pm)

What's My Frame? - Unarmed - Open (Rose)

Sound of Violence - Rapier & Dagger - Int. (McDonald)

Leaps, Falls & Rolls - Open (Garland & Bartlett)

Knife Fighting for the Novice - Basic (Flanagan & White)

Raid! Pillage! Plunder! - Cutlass - Open - (Gonzalez & Tate)

Two to Tango! Single Sword - Int./Adv. (Kopitsky)


Renewal Choreography Session (Guinn)


LUNCH (12:05pm-1:15pm)


Class Period 3: (1:15pm-2:40pm)

Shaolin Staff - Intermediate/Advanced (Chin)

Biomechanic Brawl - Sword & Shield - Int./Adv. (Reed)

iFight for iPhone - Unarmed/Knife - Open (Guinn)

Characterizing Violence - Open (Aronowitz)

Staying Wounded - Smallsword - Int. (Federl)

Beginner Swashbuckling - Single Sword - Basic (Schwindt)

Staging Intimacy - Open (White)


Class Period 4: (2:55pm-4:20pm)

Longsword Fencing/Killing Blows - Int./Adv. (Kelly)

Transmogrification - Mixed Weapons - Open (Garland)

Kung Fu Fighting for TV - Int./Adv. (Chin & McDonald)

Quarterstaff 4 Haters of Quarterstaff - Open (Flanagan)

Beginner Rapier & Dagger - Basic (Gardella)

Devising Fight Choreography w/ Havoc Movement - Open (Guinn)

Renewal Choreography Session (Gonzalez)


Class Period 5: (4:35pm-6:00pm)

Fighting in a Crowd - Single Sword - Open (Gonzalez)

Boxing to Trapping - Open (Watson & Guinn)

Angelo v. McBane - Int./Adv. - Smallsword (Root)

Stunt Double: How To - Open (McDonald)

Staging a Fight Scene - Open (White)

Espada y Daga - Intermediate/Advanced  (Kelly)

Renewal Choreography Session (Flanagan)

Wrap Up/Photo (6:10 pm)


END OF DAY (6:30pm)

Sunday, February 23rd

Class Period 1: (9:00am-10:25am)

Upright Grappling Situational Snapshots  - Open (Watson)

Beginner Smallsword - Basic (Chin)

Mock Stunt Audition - Intermediate (McDonald)

Fighting for You - Unarmed - Open (Gardella)

Making Monsters - Sword & Shield - Open (Gonzalez)

Go the Distance - Quarterstaff - Open (Root)

Gnarly Knife - Open (White)

Class Period 2: (10:40-12:05pm)

Martial Chokes - Intermediate/Advanced (Kelly & Watson)

Sassy Single Sword & Champagne - Open (Root & White)

Sword & Shield - Basic (Bartlett)

Stage Combat & Comedy - Found Weapons - Open (Schwindt)

Kali Choreography - Open (Guinn)

Compound Wounds -Broadsword - Open (Meyer)
Build a Strategic Fight, Stir - Rapier & Dagger - Int./Adv. (Garland)

LUNCH (12:05pm-1:15pm)


Class Period 3: (1:15pm-2:40pm)

Intro to Alexander Technique - Open (Gonzalez)

Pick it Up: Choreo - Unarmed - Intermediate (McDonald & Tate)
Don't Fight the Sword - Sword & Shield - Open (Flanagan)

Getting a Handle on Quarterstaff - Basic (Newbury)

Slap Me Silly - Unarmed - Open (Kopitsky)

Pummeling w/ Panache - Single Sword - Open  (Guinn)

Juggling Tricks - Open - Reed


Class Period 4: (2:55pm-4:20pm)

Talking Intimacy - Open (McDonald/White/Garland)

Literally KICK Some A** - Open (Rose)

Fuhlen It - Broadsword - Basic (Root)

Developing Reaction Time - Knife - Int./Adv. (Kelly)

Movement & Flexibility - Open (Watson)

Comedy w/ a Single Sword - Intermediate (Federl)

See It, Breathe It, Feel It - Rapier & Dagger - Open (Bartlett)


*Renewal Rehearsal and Performances (Flanagan, Gonzalez, Guinn, Chin)*


Class Period 5: (4:35 pm-6:00pm)

Cinematic Mass Battle! Full Workshop!


Wrap Up/Raffle (6:15pm)



Looking forward to more amazing classes! Look for our 2022 announcement soon!